Skincare in Singapore: Get clear, glowing skin with DRx Clinic’s Skincare Products

October 2015

Flawless complexions in sight! We test out Derma-Rx’s skin-saving range of products, from a fab firming multi-benefit eye serum to a sunscreen for tanned skin

Finding a skincare regime that works for you is the clearest way to keep skin healthy, glowing and youthful. No matter what skin-related problems you face – blackheads, acne, dullness and more – The DRx Clinic’s multi-step range of Derma-Rx skincare products will improve your complexion and leave it in tip-top condition. Best of all, their panel of experienced doctors will diagnose your skin and prescribe the products most suited to your needs. After trying their Essential Facial and Radio Frequency (RF) Eye Rejuvenation treatment at DRx Medispa, I visited their clinic to get the lowdown and put my recommended, skin-saving routine to the test.

Learning all about my skin’s needs from Dr Tsu

Sitting in their bustling lobby, I jotted down all my perceived skin problems (spoiler: eyebags are my biggest foe) on another form and, after a short wait, headed down for a consultation with Dr Tsu Boon Hsiung, a qualified aesthetic doctor. As I sat down, I couldn’t help marvelling at his flawless, radiant complexion – not a single blemish in sight, and he looks even younger than I do! After examining my skin and asking some questions about my lifestyle, he concluded that my eyebags were aggravated by sinus problems (causing darker veins under the eyes), late nights and not enough sleep. To help brighten and de-puff my dark circles, as well as to combat my occasional breakouts, he prescribed seven Derma-Rx products: Foaming Cleanser, Toner, Multi-Benefit Eye Serum, Comedone Formula, Max-C, Vitamin A Gel, Acne Spot Lotion and Hydrator. Each product is loaded with the most effective amount of active ingredients to heal your skin. I was then led into a briefing room where a consultant talked me through the entire routine – which order, how and where to apply the products – and given my new skincare weapons to take home.

My new skincare secret: Derma-Rx miracle-working products

In order to get the best results, I was told to cut out all the skincare products I’d been using and religiously use Derma-Rx’s regime night and day. At first, seven steps sounded like it could get overwhelming, but thanks to a handy lil’ chart with clear, step-by-step instructions, I fell into the routine easily. It also helped that all the products are lightweight and sink into my skin in less than a minute, so the whole ritual takes about 10 minutes.

Derma-Rx Multi-benefit Eye Serum

While it’s only been two weeks since I started using the products, the Multi-Benefit Eye Serum has proven itself to be game-changer. Full of firming peptides, hydrating carbohydrate complex and anti-inflammatory chrysin, the powerful, watery serum is known to have a Botox-like effect on the under-eye zone. My eyebags have lightened and shrunk considerably, and the skin in that area feels smoother and firmer. Its cooling texture is a nice pick-me-up in the morning, and it leaves me looking fresh and well-rested without having to slap on heaps of concealer.

Derma-Rx Tinted Sunscreen in Warm Natural is suitable for tanned skin

Another product I’m fond of is the Tinted Sunscreen SPF50+ in Warm Natural, which blends seamlessly into my skin. It’s hard to find tinted sunscreen that’s dark enough to suit tanned skin, so this is a prized find – especially for sporty, sun-kissed types. Unlike many other sunscreens I’ve tried, it doesn’t leave a whitish cast. And since it’s pigmented enough to cover minor imperfections, I find myself skipping foundation – the sunscreen’s glowing finish carries me through the day well enough.

So, how much difference has using Derma-Rx made in such a short time? After just a week of sticking to the routine, my face is now softer and much smoother to the touch. I’ve also noticed that my pores are smaller and I’ve gotten zero spots since. The Derma-Rx range has turned out to be the skin saviours I never thought I’d find.

Ready to find your own super-effective combo of products? Their non-prescription products (cleansers, sunscreens, eye serum and more) are available for purchase online – key in ‘honeycombers10’ at check-out to get a 10 percent discount! Other products, like Max C, Comedone Formula and others, are prescription-only, so book a consultation with their doctors by calling +6733 1555.

The Derma-Rx skincare range is available at The DRx Clinic, #16-01 Tong Building, 302, Orchard Road, Singapore 238862, p. 6733 1555.

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