Review: DRx Organic Keratin Repair Treatment

August 2016

DRx’s Organic Keratin Repair Treatment revives very damaged hair back to its healthy state. It does not contain harmful substances like formaldehyde and has been approved by HSA in Singapore. Aesthetics & Beauty’s writers test the hair treatment.

What makes this treatment unique?

Keratin is a natural protein that occurs in hair, skin and nails. It is said to be a “repairing” substance comprising of 88 percent of your hair. Used as a hair straightening product, it penetrates individual hair follicles, repairing damage and coating each strand of hair with a resilient protective layer.

The difference between a keratin hair treatment and chemical straightening like rebonding is that the latter tames the hair naturally without any strong chemicals. It is a re-conditioning treatment that transforms hair and restores shine. Chemical straighteners work on breaking and rearranging the internal bonds of hair, producing a dead straight result.

What happens during the treatment?

To begin my hair transformation, I had a consultation with DRx’s in-house trichologist, Peggy Goh, who was very educational as she explained the treatment and answered all my questions deftly.

DRx’s Organic Keratin Repair TreatmentThen, I was led to a treatment room which looks like a hair salon but with more hi-tech equipment. A stimulating hair wash with a purifying shampoo to get rid of all chemical and dirt buildup was done, before keratin was applied to my hair. My hair was blow-dried and then steamed to allow the keratin to penetrate. As a last step, my hair was flat-ironed to seal in the keratin.

The end result was Cleopatra-straight hair that felt tacky and heavy with the keratin. Thankfully, Peggy had already reassured me, during my consultation, that this rebonded look is only temporary to allow the keratin to set and my hair will retain its natural volume – on top of being smooth, healthy and more manageable, after I wash it on the third day.

After what seemed like an eternity, I washed my hair with relish and was delighted to note that some of my hair volume came back. My tresses are also extremely soft and manageable. Goodbye frizz, hello shampoo-ad-worthy hair! Your first treatment should last between two to three months. With repeated treatments, the results will last longer, even up to one year.

Suitable for
This treatment is recommended for all hair types – whether original, coloured, previously straightened, kinky or wavy hair. In fact, it is more effective on chemically treated hair which is porous, allowing the product to penetrate better.

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