Stimulate better hair growth and see thicker, fuller hair strands.


If you are seeing bald spots or areas with thinning hair, then consider a non-invasive solution like the Low Level Laser Treatment (LLLT).


LLLT utilises laser or light energy within a specific wavelength used to treat genetic forms of hair loss, or pattern balding. It is also referred to as “cold lasers” as they produce no heat, and are therefore very safe as it cannot burn or injure the skin. The light wavelength is emitted at a low level to repair damaged scalp tissues by stimulating blood circulation and encouraging the regeneration of normal healthy tissues and hair follicles.


Studies have shown that the laser lights makes ageing cells more active as it improves cell function and increases their effectiveness in hair growth and scalp tissue renewal. It increases energy production within the follicles on the scalp to stimulate strong, healthy hair growth.


LLLT is delivered by a device that contains panels of lasers that shine on the scalp. There is no painful or burning sensation (as the laser emits no heat), meaning that there will be zero downtime. Men and women being treated for hair loss sit comfortably under the lasers as it gently delivers phototherapy to the scalp.


The short sessions mean that LLLT can be paired together with other treatments*, giving you a thick, luscious set of hair to give you confidence.


*Except for Organic Keratin Repair Therapy and Organic Color Therapy