Bring your itchy, flaky scalp back to balance with this intensive treatment.


Our scalp, like the skin on our face, constantly faces the harsh elements – on top of being exposed to the sun and rain, your scalp can face irritation due to pollution, excessive production of sebum and sometimes from chemicals in various hair products. That throws your scalp off balance, and can result in oily hair and dandruff. So if your itchy and flaky scalp and oily hair is causing you embarrassment and sleepless nights, it’s time to solve the problem once and for all.


Left untreated for long, scalp imbalance can lead to hair thinning. A targeted treatment like the DRx Control Therapy is an intensive procedure that eliminates bacteria, relieves irritation and inflammation, controls excessive hair loss and dandruff to bring back a healthy, revitalised scalp.


The treatment makes use of unique ingredient combinations that stimulate blood supply to the scalp, as well as ingredients with astringent qualities to absorb excess oil while protecting against bacterial attacks. This will balance out an irritated and aggravated scalp, ensuring that the scalp remains soothed against any further external aggressions.


For best results, the DRx Control Therapy should be coupled with the DRx Purifying Therapy as a monthly treatment to ensure that potential detrimental factors are eliminated and maximum benefits reaped. Effects can be seen in just one session.