No one wants rough, brittle strands of hair that break easily. Repair damaged hair and bring back a shine to your locks with this gentle treatment.


Battling with frizzy, damaged and brittle hair can lead to breakage and potential hair loss. It’s a stressful situation that no one wants or needs. Stop all that fighting once and for all and give your hair the care it needs with the DRx Organic Keratin Repair Therapy.


Hair, once damaged, is difficult to repair. Masks can only do so much, as they temporarily coat the outer shafts with silicones, giving you the illusion that your hair is now repaired. But once it wears off, your hair is back to its brittle, damaged self. For long-lasting results, the DRx Organic Keratin Repair Therapy targets the polypeptide chains within the hair structure, and seeks to strengthen and repair those bonds. This makes your hair smooth, healthy and strong. On top of that, the treatment also increases the shine and elasticity.


Unlike conventional treatments, the treatment contains no harmful substances such as formaldehyde, and uses natural substances found in keratin. So while it may not have the longevity of other harsh chemical procedures, the repair therapy ensures that your hair is being cared for 100%, with the effects lasting two to three months post procedure. And with just one session, you’ll see improvements in texture immediately. The frizz and damage will not return full force with a vengeance, but instead continues to be manageable and healthy.