You don’t have to subject your hair to harsh chemicals just to cover your grey hair and get the colour you desire. Your hair will thank you for the DRx Organic Color Therapy.
Harsh chemicals and high levels of ammonia can irritate your scalp, destroy your hair shafts and over an extended period of time, it may cause adverse effects to your scalp health in the long run.


You don’t need lots of harsh chemicals that damage the scalp and hair to achieve great colour that covers up your grey hair. DRx Organic Color Therapy uses completely non-chemical organic colourants which reduces the risk of irritation and chemical-related side-effects. That way, you get natural and lasting colour with each and every treatment without feeling the pain.


Our bodies respond best to natural ingredients, and it’s no surprise that your hair and scalp does too. DRx’s high performing products use the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients with absolute minimum chemicals, ensuring that your hair remains soft regardless.


DRx’s approach to hair colouring is gentle but effective – so much so that it easily covers up greying hair. You won’t have to worry about colour loss because each treatment usually lasts from four to six weeks, depending on how fast your hair regrowns. There is no downtime, and you get to see great colour in your hair after just one session! At DRx, we’re kind to hair, and it shows.