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October 2015

If you suffer from postpartum hair loss, it is time to act! Try out DRx advanced trichological treatments like I did. You won’t regret it.
Mums, are you facing post-partum hair loss and looking for an effective and scientifically proven hair regeneration method?In my case, I noticed that my hair had been falling out more than usual and I had been putting off the thought of seeking professional help, thinking that the hair loss was due to the constant tugging by my preschooler when she was younger.But with increasing age and constant hair fall, I decided to take the matter seriously and address the issue.Determined to do something abut my hair loss, I started looking around for solutions. A friend recommended that I try out DRx Trichology Centre’sIntensive Hair Regeneration (IHR) Therapy to treat my post-partum hair loss! With nothing to lose, I decided to give it a try.And mums, all I can tell you is that, the positive results I experienced after my sessions, have made DRx Trichology Centre my trusted and go-to venue for scalp and hair health, especially for hair regeneration.Let me share my experience with you so that you can see the impact their treatment had, and why I am a huge fan now!Customised sessions based on needs assessmentHair growth results can be seen in just a few sessions.

However, the number of sessions needed to see visible changes varies. This is because the time needed for hair growth depends on a number of factors, which are assessed at the beginning. The therapists advise on the sittings needed, on a case-by-case basis.

Nonetheless, the treatment is safe, scientifically proven and results driven.

Below are the more detailed images of the before-and-after shots of my hair and scalp after undergoing five intensive DRx advanced trichological treatments under the care of DRx Trichology Centre.

From the pictures you can clearly see, my bleached hair is less dull and more shiny (first picture) and there is significant hair growth along my frontal hairline (second picture).

So, how does a hair therapy with DRx Trichology Centre work? 

Trichology is not just hair treatment

A typical session begins with an in-depth hair analysis of your hair by the specialist team at the DRx Trichology Centre. The centre is part of the DRx Medispa, and is conveniently located in Tong Building along Orchard Road.

My appointment was with Peggy, who is the Principal Trichologist to solve my hair woes.


Unlike a hairstylist who focuses on beautifying the hair, a trichologist is focused and geared towards understanding and treating a client’s scalp and hair disorders to make sure that both are healthy.

If your therapist’s hair is anything to go by, I knew I would be in good hands as soon as I met Peggy — just look at her own healthy head of luscious locks!


Understanding the causes of hair loss

As part of understanding my hair loss problem, Peggy and I chatted about my lifestyle. Peggy was concerned about my diet and (lack of) sleep. I agreed to heed her advice to start sleeping regular hours and having my meals at proper times, despite my busy schedule as a stay-at-home-mum and a part-time blogger.I can tell you, that having regulated sleep and meal times go a long way in keeping your mind and body healthy.

After the chat, Peggy proceeded to scan my scalp to determine what the problem areas were.

According to the scans, I had some hair loss along the parting of my hair because I hadn’t changed my parting for at least a year. It was only then that I learnt that you’re supposed to change your parting every three months.

There was also thinning around the frontal part of my scalp. Thankfully my hair follicles at the back were still thriving. Peggy assured me that there was still hope for me.

The treatment begins

After a thorough assessment, Peggy advised that a healthy scalp is the first key step to promoting healthy hair growth. Therefore, before embarking on IHR treatment, they would begin by purifying my scalp to remove any dead skin cells and impurities.

The DRx Purifying Therapy is an essential prologue to any hair care programme because it removes toxins and metabolic wastes from the deep tissues of the scalp, ensuring that it is primed to receive treatment.


We started with the deep cleansing serum to exfoliate and loosen built-up scales and epidermis. After which, nanomist was directed to the scalp to enlarge the hair follicles for better absorption of the serum.

Just after one treatment of the DRx Purifying Therapy, they managed to clear up the gunk on my scalp and a cleaner looking surface is visible immediately through the analysis machine. My scalp surface is less waxy due to less build-up scales.

Once the scalp is cleaned and primed, it is the turn of the most crucial part of the treatment. 

Treatment gets hi-tech

So after the consultation and assessment and the DRx Purifying Therapy comes the most crucial part of the treatment – DRx Intensive Hair Regeneration Therapy. The treatment involves the use of their pharmaceutical grade range of HGF – Hair Growth Factor Series and is followed up with Low Level Laser Therapy.

First, the therapist uses micro-needle therapy (done using a needle pen) to stimulate and promote cellular activity within the hair follicles. By doing so, it promotes nutrient absorption to prevent premature hair loss, while slowing down and preventing the exacerbation of affected hair cycles.

Each needle pen is used only once (and thereafter discarded) for hygiene purposes.

They picked 1.0mm Titanium needles on the pen for me . The therapist then ran it across my scalp for 15 to 20 minutes. It’s a tad painful, like ants biting on your scalp, especially near the forehead because of thinner skin but I as they say, “No pain, no gain!”

Watch the video of the micro-needle therapy below.

Next, following the principle of photo-bio stimulation, the Low Level Laser Therapy causes a revitalization of the individual follicle and a general strengthening of the hair. The red light energy provides heat and massages the scalp, allowing pores to open and the infrared light to reach cell structures below the scalp.

This increases cellular metabolism, blood circulation and supply of oxygen to promote healing for sensitive & irritable scalp, and healthy hair growth cycles. It also helps in improving the hair texture.



Another consultation after the treatment showed that my scalp is pink, an indication that blood circulation has improved. Peggy also got me started on the Hair Lotion and I love the cool minty sensation on my scalp whenever I apply this on my scalp after every hair wash at home.

I was also given three months’ supply of the Nanogen Thickening Treatment Serum, which is fortified with Triple Strength Growth Factor and Hyaluronic Acid.

I was instructed to apply this serum on the thinning areas near my slightly receding hairline. With the daily application of the hair lotion and thickening treatment serum, and the DRx Intensive Hair Regeneration Therapy weekly, it is obvious that this treatment is the ultimate antidote for those distressed by hair loss.

I know that my hair and scalp are grateful that I decided to undertake this treatment!


Please note that the first visit usually involves a pre-treatment screening and post-treatment screening by the trichologist. Subsequent reviews are done by the trichologist periodically.

Subsequent consultations will be fixed based on the assessment of your hair and scalp and the individual needs.

Treatments at DRx Medispa are strictly by appointment only. So call on +65 62231555 to book your appointment now, and do remember to quote “theAsianparentDRx Tricho” and pay $175 for your first trial of DRx Trichology Centre’s Intensive Hair Regeneration Therapy (usual price: $350). Follow DRx Medispa on Instagram.

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