Skincare products in Singapore: Lightening, Brightening and Moisturising skin creams for overall skin improvement

November 2015

This article was first published by Expat Living.

If you are looking for a way to lock in the moisture of your skin, but not have anything that feels or looks oily – no matter what your skin type, Rebecca’s found a couple of solutions – and a new skincare regime.

DRx has a whole range of skincare products, and included in my new ritual was their latest Derma-Rx Intensive Moisturizer and for more oily skin the Derma-Rx Hydrator.  Considering Singapore’s climate, any moisturizer has to be a pretty considered product, we don’t want anything that would cause the make up to slip off even more easily than it does already!

The solution for air-con/dehydrated skin: the Derma-Rx Intensive Moisturizer

The solution for air-con/dehydrated skin: the Derma-Rx Intensive Moisturizer

After their foaming cleanser and toner, I use Derma-Rx Illuminator (3A) and Intensive Lightener (3B), followed by their brand new Derma-Rx Intensive Moisturizer that’s perfect for drier skin like mine that gets red and patchy. The new product contains ingredients like Bisabolol derived from the German Chamomile to calm the skin and relieve it of irritation and redness. Biomimetic Ceramides act as a natural barrier to ensure that all the moisture it absorbs stays locked within the skin. This is really important if you’re in air conditioning at all. And it helps to protect the skin from pollution (think: haze!) Also, Saccharide Isomerate is a plant-derived monosaccharide that helps hold large amounts of moisture in our skin and keep cells bonded firmly together.

The overall firmness of the skin is improved with Prickly Pear Cactus extract, that’s rich in flavones, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that keep the skin plump and subtle (read: makes you look younger).

It’s not very often that anyone’s commented on my skin, but several people commented after I had been using the products for about a week.  And although I never understood the appeal of brighteners or lighteners before this, I realized how much better my face looked, the skin tone was more even and someone said I just looked happier!  Maybe that’s what they mean by a brightening cream?

Anyway, for someone who likes to be in out of the house quickly in the morning, I have managed to set aside the extra minutes needed for my ritual and I am happy with the results.

Although the Intensive Moisturizer is a rich moisturizer, it has a non-greasy texture that gets absorbed in to the skin easily and doesn’t look shiny or feel oily.  If you have normal oily to normal skin, then the Hydrator is the one for you.  It’s an aquamarine gel that makes sure that ‘oily’ skin is still moisturized. Often skin becomes oily because the skin is dehydrated, and it’s trying to compensate by producing even more oil.  If you’re prone to outbreaks you don’t want to be clogging it with more products but you still need to nourish, protect and calm – and this does it all in one go!

I met with Dr Felix; it’s best to consult with the doctor to have a regimen more suited to the needs of one’s own skin.

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