Skin and Beauty Clinic in Singapore: We try the DRx Medispa’s eyebag-zapping and deep cleansing facial treatment

October 2015

Let’s face it, having naturally glowing, well-rested skin is a rare blessing. While years of trying to keep a good skincare routine has certainly helped me keep acne at bay, I’ve never managed to conquer and erase eyebags. Dark circles have plagued me since I was a teenager; and on lazy, no-makeup days, friends often comment I look tired and worn out. Eager to lighten the load under my eyes, I visited the DRx Medispa, a highly-acclaimed skin clinic and medispa on Orchard Road, to try their RF Eye Rejuvenation Treatment along with their Essential Facial.Unlike normal day spas that focus on pampering and relaxing, a Medispa is all about improving your skin’s well-being in a medical way with treatments designed by a team of doctors. The DRx Medispa makes use of high-grade pharmaceuticals equipment and products not available in normal beauty salons, ensuring that your skin is in good hands and results are visible even after just one visit.

Stepping into the brightly-lit, pristine lobby, I listed down all my skin-related woes on a form and was ushered into a treatment room to meet my warm and friendly therapist. Upon finding out that this was my first-ever facial, she promised to be extra gentle and explain every step of the way.To start the 90-minute Essential Facial, a gentle milk cleanser was massaged onto my face to remove any traces of makeup, followed by Derma-Rx’s Foaming Cleanser, leaving a clean canvas that would absorb all the benefits of the coming treatments. Next, a crystal-tipped device – hooked up to a Derma-infuser machine – was pressed onto my skin for a round of deep cleansing. Its suction power dislodged oil and debris from my pores. To show how much of a difference this procedure makes, the therapist applied it onto the right half of my face, and let me see the effects in the mirror. It was a huge improvement – compared to the untreated half, my skin looked brighter, clearer and at least a shade fairer.

My face was now ready for extraction – something I wasn’t exactly looking forward to. I’d heard lots of horror stories about the agonising process from friends who regularly get facials, and my threshold for pain isn’t very high. Luckily, my therapist had a soft touch and, while it hurt a little at certain points, the discomfort was bearable.The Derma-infuser machine was then used once again, this time delivering a vitamin-filled essence to nourish, firm up and lighten my skin, as well as combat signs of ageing. This was followed by a customised serum, which was massaged into my skin with an ultrasonic device.

The last step of the Essential Facial was a therapeutic mask selected specially for my skin. My therapist smoothed on a thick whitening mask and left me to relax for 15 minutes as soothing instrumental music played in the background.

After the mask was removed, it was time for the potent RF Eye Rejuvenation Treatment, which lifts and brightens the skin around your peepers. First, a cold anti-aging cream was applied around my eyes to smooth out any fine lines and tone the skin. The next step was crucial – after slipping a metal plate beneath my back, the therapist massaged the skin around my eyes with a hand-held metal radiofrequency device that warmed up slowly, sending heat deep into the collagen-filled layer of skin. By tightening the collagen and encouraging its growth, this reduces the appearance of dark, puffy rings, as well as contour the eye area for more definition. The finishing touch was a calming hand massage to balance the muscle tone.

Like the facial, the effects of the RF Eye Rejuvenation treatment could instantly be seen when I peered into the mirror. My once-massive, shadow-y eyebags looked smaller and less pronounced. A week after the treatment, I found myself looking younger and much more awake. Gone were the days of piling on industrial-strength concealer; I could now get away with a thin layer of tinted sunscreen (to find out more about DRx Clinic’s skincare range, including their amazing multi-benefit eye serum, head here). I was told that the bright-eyed results of a single treatment lasts for two to three weeks (alas, if only the magic was forever!), but more lasting change would come from repeated sessions.

As for the rest of my face, the Essential Facial did wonders – it hasn’t been this smooth and blemish-free in years. Before, I’d always thought a facial was only useful for people with serious skin problems, like stubborn zits, but I’ve since realised that it’s a must in your regular beauty regime – at least once every month or so – if you’re after a truly flawless mien. If you’re after remarkable results in a jiffy, the DRx Medispa’s treatments certainly do the trick.

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The DRx Medispa, 302 Orchard Road, #14-02 Tong Building, 302 Orchard Road, Singapore 238862, p. 6223 1555.

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