Hydration and Moisturising have different effects on the skin

January 2017

Hydration and Moisturising

Hydration and Moisturising are two big words in the beauty industry. The common thought that comes to mind is nourishment. But what exactly are we nourishing with and what is the difference?

To put it simply, hydrating the skin increases water content from Transepidermal water loss (TWL or TEWL) while moisturising it helps to supplement the natural oil content without causing the skin to respond with overproduction of oil when it is dry. They are formulated to serve different purposes of the skin.

Our skin needs to be hydrated and moisturised

While hydration keeps our skin dewy, it will not achieve the glowing effect if there is no oil protecting the water content from evaporating from the skin surface. On the contrary, putting moisturiser may soothe the skin and it will be lacking the hydration that makes it elastic.

Topically, which is to go first?

Application of hydrating products should come first, followed by moisturiser. In this way, moisturisers lock the water content within to ensure it stays put throughout the day.

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