The DRx Medispa’s Radio-Frequency (RF) Eye Rejuvenation Treatment can reverse the effects of time and gravity on the skin around your eyes.


If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then it’s your responsibility to take utmost care of it. The skin around your eyes is one of the thinnest around, and all the constant rubbing, blinking and frowning can cause saggy skin and fine lines to emerge.


RF Eye Rejuvenation Treatment is specially calibrated by DRx Medispa to target the sensitive skin around your eyes. Because the eye area is so delicate and need constant maintenance, this weekly treatment is a quick pick-me-up that also gives immediate results. It is gentle yet highly effective in removing fine lines and lifting saggy skin. Over time, you’ll see fewer lines, more defined and sculpted eye contours and brighter skin around your eyes.


The treatment makes use of radio-frequency – a constant gradual energy – and delivers that into the deeper layers of the skin. This causes a build-up of heat where the skin and fat layers meet, and stimulates a growth of new collagen to replace the duller, older-looking skin. Watch droopy skin get lifted and puffy eyes get more contoured. The end result is firmer, radiant-looking skin around your eyes. And because the radiofrequency goes deep into the skin, gentle warm will be  felt on the topmost layer of the skin, making this treatment a comfortable and effective solution for sparkly eyes.


Duration of the procedure

30 minutes

Recommended for

  • Fine lines around the eye area
  • Loose saggy skin around the eye area