Want to look and feel like a Hollywood star? Then get a treatment that is popular amongst Hollywood A-listers. DRx Medispa’s O2 Treatment gives visible results in just one session.


Getting party-ready and picture perfect isn’t just a Hollywood thing. You, too, can easily learn the tricks of Hollywood – and that is the O2 Treatment. A pressurised stream of oxygen is used to deliver active ingredients into the skin to repair, hydrate and improve skin tone and texture. There is no downtime and the end-result is firm, plumped-up skin that is radiant and glowing. The effects are immediate and a regular weekly session is recommended.


Long-term use of the treatment on a regular basis will serve to sustain the healthy glow in your skin.


O2 Rejuvenate
This treatment utilises ingredients from natural amino acids to specifically target expression lines that cause you to look older than you really are. Walk out from this treatment looking younger, healthier and more refreshed.


O2 Whitening
Blends of natural botanical brighteners, antioxidants and proprietary ingredients help to brighten and balance out uneven skin tones, bringing out a soft glow and a flawless complexion.


Duration of the procedure

60 minutes

Recommended for

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Dull and uneven skin tone