Stimulate collagen production for tighter and more rejuvenated skin.

If you’re seeing signs of loose and saggy skin – don’t freak out,  solving it is in fact fuss-free and non-invasive. No – you don’t have to go under the knife for a face lift. Thermage remains one of the most premium solutions one ever needs for tightening and skin contouring. With its effect lasting up to 12 months, all you have to do is pop by the clinic once a year for your treatment, and you’re all set.

Using a heating radiofrequency (RF) technology to send pulses of energy into the skin’s tissue, this heats the treatment area and remodels the collagen to stimulate collagen production, allowing the skin to strengthen itself, giving you tighter, more rejuvenated skin in the process. Thermage works in just one treatment with minimal downtime, is clinically proven to be safe and delivers a natural looking result.


Duration of the procedure

1 – 2 hours depending on the areas treated

Recommended for

  • Face/Neck laxity (mild to moderate)
  • Droopy eyelids and fine lines
  • Face shaping and contouring
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Face tightening