The Body’s New Skin Whitening Agent- Glutathione

17 01 2018

Vitamins C and E may be highly regarded antioxidants that neutralise free radicals, but glutathione is considered the mother of all  antioxidants because it protects cells against free radicals and...
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Is exfoliation too sensitive for acne-prone skin?

23 01 2017

Some of us think we're too sensitive for exfoliation, but it can benefit an acne-prone skin. Our skin cells regenerate every month. In this process, old cells are pushed to...
Hydration and Moisturising 288

Hydration and Moisturising have different effects on the skin

23 01 2017

Hydration and Moisturising are two big words in the beauty industry. The common thought that comes to mind is nourishment. But what exactly are we nourishing with and what is...
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Drinking water is not sufficient for acne-prone skin

23 01 2017

Drinking water is not sufficient for acne-prone skin Human body consists of 70% water. Thus, not only is water a critical nutrient itself, it also acts as a carrier in...


08 09 2016

Derma-Rx Trichology Trans-Follicular Serum While thinning hair occurs mostly in women above fifty, an increasing number of younger women are starting to lose hair earlier due to hormonal change, stress or genetics. It’s time to watch...

Review: DRx Organic Keratin Repair Treatment

31 08 2016

DRx’s Organic Keratin Repair Treatment revives very damaged hair back to its healthy state. It does not contain harmful substances like formaldehyde and has been approved by HSA in Singapore....
Today Market Buzz - Tricho feature

Derma-Rx launches Scalp and Hair Products

15 04 2016

Derma-Rx has unveiled scalp and hair products to complement The DRx Trichology Centre's hair regeneration treatments after 17 years in the premier skincare arena. The Derma-Rx Trichology range comprises four...

Shampooing isn’t enough. This is the most important step in every hair care routine that most people don’t know about.

22 03 2016

Most of us are familiar with skincare; we know what the basic steps are: cleanse, tone, moisturise, and yes, exfoliate and apply a mask regularly. But how many of us...
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Skincare products in Singapore: Lightening, Brightening and Moisturising skin creams for overall skin improvement

05 11 2015

This article was first published by Expat Living. If you are looking for a way to lock in the moisture of your skin, but not have anything that feels or...
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Skincare in Singapore: Get clear, glowing skin with DRx Clinic’s Skincare Products

28 10 2015

Flawless complexions in sight! We test out Derma-Rx's skin-saving range of products, from a fab firming multi-benefit eye serum to a sunscreen for tanned skin Finding a skincare regime that...

Trade in hair loss for shiny healthy tresses!

20 10 2015

If you suffer from postpartum hair loss, it is time to act! Try out DRx advanced trichological treatments like I did. You won't regret it.Mums, are you facing post-partum hair...
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Skin and Beauty Clinic in Singapore: We try the DRx Medispa’s eyebag-zapping and deep cleansing facial treatment

19 10 2015

Let’s face it, having naturally glowing, well-rested skin is a rare blessing. While years of trying to keep a good skincare routine has certainly helped me keep acne at bay,...
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Which F1 drivers are racing across the hairline?

20 09 2015

This article was first published on Yahoo Lewis Hamilton may be leading the world championship, but the bald truth is, he has one big reason to worry… SINGAPORE — Racing in...
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The truth about helmets and your hair

19 09 2015

If you’re a man, your greatest fear in life (apart from flying cockroaches) is to wake up one day with more hair on your pillow than on your head. But...
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I had healthy glowing skin in just 60 minutes!

18 08 2015

This article was first published by theAsianparent Singapore Instant glowing skin – those are magical words for any woman. For a working mum, with no time for herself, they are nothing short of...

Best Treatments for Pores & Acne

04 06 2015

4th June 2015 by Amanda Lai Clears up skin and fades scars I don’t break out a lot, just during that time of the month, but when I do, the...

Proven ways to stop hair fall

27 06 2014

A lot of things can cause your hair to drop: genetics, stress, and the occasional diet. But despite not having control over most factors, there are ways to stop your...
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